• Setting up computer systems and peripherals

  • Computer & Network technical support

  • Affordable* I-T services for your small business

  • Basic training on new PC or MAC computers, tablets, cell phones & software

    We use our decades of wide ranging hands-on experience to make life around technology easier for our customers. You'll find our rates are very reasonable. Click here to see our ratecard. We have experience maintaining, installing, repairing and working with computers, networks, servers, workstations, routers, switches, wifi, broadcast technology, automation systems, software development, operations and technology management, building project planning and management, personnel management and supervision.

    RAM Technical Support is available to assist home & personal users as well as small businesses with computer and technology demands. We provide on-site/in-home support as well as support via phone and remote access. We also provide on-site training, installation and support of computer equipment and leading software. Because of our extensive background in IT, facilities management, organization and planning, we can provide consulting services for small businesses seeking to streamline their operations or improve their facilities. We can also develop custom software for all sorts of databases. Allow us to customize a support plan that suits your budget. Let's talk.

      Call now:  302-690-9984

    If you are in need of IT, operations or technological assistance please feel free to contact us at: bob.mercer@ramtechsupport.com or call for additional information at 302-690-9984. We're looking forward to assessing your technical needs and providing you with superior technical support at an affordable* price. For more information on rates, click here.

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    R A M T E C H

    Setting up computer systems and peripherals

    Customers usually have a computer, a printer and some sort of device connecting them to the internet that must be setup and tested. This involves unpacking, connecting cables, installing drivers and troubleshooting internet connectivity. Computer is started, all windows updates are installed, security settings and software is checked for updates and added where necessary, email is setup and tested and printer is sent a test page and the browser of choice is loaded and tested to be certain we have access to the internet.
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    Computer & Network technical support:

    Support calls usually involved system failures caused by problems with network connectivity, wifi connectivity, virus or malware infections or hardware failures. A service call ascertains the problem through an interview, troubleshooting and recommendations for repair. There is a minimum charge for visits of under 30 minutes. See the rate schedule.
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    Affordable I-T services for your small business

    We provide extremely reasonable rates for our small business customers. Services include routine maintenance, setups, troubleshooting and basic repairs and training on common programs and systems.
    You'll find our rates are very affordable.
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    Basic training on new PC or MAC computers, tablets, cell phones & software

    New users can benefit by learning the basics of their operating system and the common software programs such as word processors, spreadsheets, email usage, web browsing and printer usage and basic maintenance, such as how to change ink or toner cartridges as an example.
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