RAM Technical Support

REMOTE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER IS NOW AVAILABLE for technical support issues that do NOT
require a home visit.

We've updated the software we are using to connect remotely to your computer. As long as your computer is still able to access the internet by way of a web browser, remote access should be possible. In order to connect, we will send you a link via email that will load the software on your computer and ask permission to ALLOW a connection. Once you accept, you'll see us mousing around your screen. You'll be able to watch as we work on your computer. We can also provide training using remote access by showing you on your computer screen what we describe on? the phone. If you'd like us to remotely access your computer to service it and/or provide training, please feel free to contact us. Normal rates apply.

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RAM Technical Support: Cleveland Avenue,Talleyville, DE 19803

PHONE: 302-690-9984 EMAIL: bob.mercer@ramtechsupport.com